Link Baiting Service
Link Baiting Service
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Link Baiting Service

Link Baiting Service

Get successful Link Baiting Service and receive hundreds of contextual or relevant organic links which goes on increasing continually.

Achieve huge branding of your website with our Link Baiting Service

Why Link Baiting Service?

With web world thronging with high competition, new avenues and strategies are continuously being developed by webmasters to cope up with the competition. Link Baiting Service in SEO is just another name for building natural and viral link building. Link Baiting Service includes creation of unique, sensational, compelling and extremely link worthy content for your website and to distribute it in high traffic websites, social bookmarking sites and other niche and relevant blogging networks to increase your web visibility. This will get quality back links to your website. With this, the number of back links will grow continually with time. As the number of links grows search engine spiders get attracted to these links. Major search engines like Google will notice your website because of these increasing high quality links. Highly respected SEO czars consider link baiting as an extremely search engine friendly SEO strategies. 

Now do not get puzzled by asking yourself about where will those hundreds and thousands of visitors come from? It is our promise that we create high end article/ blog post which can attract visitors. These visitors can be from Google, Yahoo Groups and other similar networks like Digg, etc.

Benefits of our Link Baiting Service

  • We strictly follow submission guidelines hence our team manually submits to all directories.
  • Make the search engine spider visit your site regularly.
  • Get quality natural back links for your site.
  • Maintain your site with absolutely unique content.
  • Large number of visitors shall respond immediately
  • Achieve branding and online popularity
  • Get boundless number of links over a period of time.
  • Your website will be optimized for many different keywords.
  • Achieve great web presence for your website. 

Understanding our Link Baiting Service

  • Our work starts with detail analysis of your website and writing persuasive blog posts according to your website design.
  • After this, we’ll send the blog post to you for your evaluation
  • After evaluation if you feel there are any alterations needed then those alterations shall be done as per your instructions.
  • Then the final edition of blog post needs to be hosted in your website or even we can do that if details of access are provided.
  • Then the post is published in more than 200 popular social networking sites. This will generate best quality back links along with a lot of visitors.

A detail report will be sent to you that illustrate our sincere efforts to help you in achieving organic links and branding of your website.


  • What about the content? Who’ll write that?

    We’ve professional content writers who will write 100% unique content for your website.

  • Do you post the content on my website?

    You need to install a script for blog on your website. We recommend wordpress like that of ours As soon as you approve the content it’ll be posted on your blog.

  • Will send the content to me so that I can check?

    Yes. Your approval is a must for us, so we send the content for your approval before posting it.

  • What about the uploading of blog post?

    It’s your choice. You can do it for yourself or we can do it for you.

  • What is this “social bookmarking of each blog post”?

    Social bookmarking is done as soon as your blog post is uploaded on your site.

  • Will you help me in installing blog on my website?

    Why not! If you do not have blog installed on your website we can definitely install wordpress blog free of cost. Once you place the order request for the same at

  • If I want the blog design should be same as my web design will you do that?

    We can create matching design of your website to your blog but this will cost you a $200 extra. Please send the request for the same to

  • What is the duration of the package?

    Every package is designed for one month.

  • Should I renew the package after it gets expired?

    Yes. You’ll receive a reminder from our side when your package is about to get expired. You need to renew the package after one month.

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